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Last Man Guide 99 Day

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  1. Here’s the leaked walkthrough for Last Man, for some reason days 4, 5 and 6 don’t appear, not sure if that’s intentional but I wasn’t able to find them.

  2. The ending appears to cut off abruptly but I wasn’t able to find any more days.

  3. Day 1#: We watch backstory, wake up. Go to the kitchen to make sandwiches. MMS comes from the girl, open, (+1 Alpha). We go to the street, from there to work, to the boss. At the boss we press to Defend yourself and Daydream (+1 Alpha). We work (+1 EXP), wait. Second MMS (+1 Alpha). Read news (+1 EXP), the end of work. Flirt with Olya (+1 Alpha). Go to the store, buy bread, beer and meat. Go home, watch TV, open the door. Flirt with Nastya, (+1 Alpha) give her bread (+5 EXP). Say goodbye and leave.

  4. Day 2#: Go to the bathroom and wash yourself. At work we flirt with Olya (+1 Alpha), talk, agree to repair the printer. We work (+1 EXP), go to repair the printer, check the connection (+1 Repair), go to Olya (+5 EXP). Talk, flirt, follow her (+10 XP). Flirt with Olya (+1 Alpha), go to Gang, attack, (+1 Unarmed combat) get money (+5 EXP), (+1 Alpha). Go home, watch TV (+1 EXP), do not drink beer, go to the bedroom, talk to the girl (+1 EXP), go to sleep.

  5. Day 3#: Go to the bathroom, bathe. Leave from the house, we meet the strange man, kick him in the face (+1 EXP), (+1 Unarmed fight). Flirt with Olya (+1 Alpha), work again (+1 EXP), wait again, read the news (+1 EXP), leave. Go to Nastya, flirt (+1 Alpha), talk, buy food (+1 EXP), go to attractions (+1 EXP), go home with her (+1 EXP). Sex (+10 EXP). Watch TV (+5 EXP).

  6. Day 7#: To the bathroom, shave and think about our girlfriend. A fridge will give (+1 EXP), if meat has been previously bought. Call the girl. Go to the street, to the store. Go to the phone, trying to call the girlfriend (+1 EXP). Go for groceries, on the right on the shelves take the magazine (No. 1), (+1 EXP), and then take canned food (+1 EXP). Go for cognac, hide from the girls (+1 Sneak), before going out take the book where you took a magazine [a book can be read from inventory to raise a random skill]. Go to the car, try to open (+1 EXP), (+1 Locking), go to church, we get (+1 EXP), (+1 First aid). Go home. Doorbell. Open the dore, have a beer (+1 Alpha), chat. Go with a stranger.

  7. Day 8#: You can try to wake up the girl, there will be no effect. Go to the computer, trying to hack (+1 EXP), (+1 Break), does not work. Go to the bathroom, shamelessly look at the girl, flirt (+1 Alpha). Further there is no choice, follow the plot. Flirt (+1 Alpha), watch a mini striptease, go home, take the second magazine (No. 2), (+1 EXP) at home on the left on the table.#Further the game becomes non-linear, I suggest the following scenario. Open the map, go to the Office, look around, open the safe (+1 EXP), (+1 Break), dig and find Olya’s address, go home.

  8. Day 9#: Pull off the blanket, look, touch and fuck her (+10 EXP). Choose a laptop in the shop (+5 EXP) and take a magazine near the red laptop (3), (+1 EXP). Open the map. Go to the beach, take a right (+5 EXP). Go home, unpack the laptop, send a letter to your girlfriend and create an account on the Dating site. Chose nickname «Last Man» (+1 EXP), send messages to each girl. Go to Nicky, chose a corset (+1 EXP), but as there are two tries you can chose something else at first. Enjoy the show (+5 EXP). Its time to join (+1 Alpha). Open laptop and read messages. Enter videochat, talk (+1 Alpha). Go to sleep.

  9. Day 10#: Go to the bathroom, where youll find Nicky. Flirt, look and suggest a blowjob (+5 EXP). Go on a date, play billiards, play more and take a magazine on the farthest billiard table (4), (+1 EXP). Fuck Nicky (+10 EXP). Go to Sleep.

  10. Day 11#: Stay for a fuck.#Run away! Break into the flat (+1 EXP). Open Laptop and talk to Lilu (+1 EXP). Download the map. Go to the beach and turn left, go to the dock (+5 EXP). Take a magazine in one of the boats (5), (+1 EXP). Hack the cash and take the boat. Go home. Go to sleep.

  11. Day 12#: Get up. Open a letter, think (+1 EXP). Break into Olgas flat. Search the flat, where you can find: 1) Money under the mattress (+1 Steel); 2) A dildo under the pillows (+1 EXP); 3) Panties in the wardrobe (+1 EXP); 4) A deed in the computer (+5 EXP). The magazine is marked by the star (6), (+1 EXP). Visit the bank, hack cash register (+1 Break), go further. Now go to the beach. Join the girls (+1 Alpha), have sex with them (+10 EXP). Go home. Go to sleep.

  12. Day 13#: Open the laptop, talk to Lilu. She advises us to go to the PromZone. Come, knock on the door, say: “I’m a man!” (+1 Alpha). Agree to wait for the boss, take the magazine at the bar (No. 7), (+1 EXP), look out into the corridor (+1 EXP). [In the Industrial Zone 10 girls; there are also two random scenes: inside (+5 EXP) and outside (+10 EXP) places]. Go to the Hospital, first we take a journal (No. 8), (+1 EXP), then we look for drugs (+1 EXP), (+1 First aid), leave, notice a mysterious observer. Next to the Beach, go to the cave, go straight to the boxes, search them and find the gun needed for the 2nd meeting with Nastya (+1 EXP), then there will be a wall of boxes, it will not break, go back and straight (+ 10 EXP), nothing interesting here yet. Return home, order a sofa, go to bed. Calls Lilu, chat, sleep on.

  13. Day 14#: Open laptop, browser, order explosives. Go to the old apartment, look around, nothing will happen, but this is important for the further continuation of the plot. Since we have no money yet, there is no sense to go again to Nastya. The rest of the day is PromZone, where we are interested in 2 random events, or exploring the city, where we are interested in a rope. Return to the new apartment, open the laptop, chat with Lilu (+1 Alpha), sleep.

  14. Day 15#: Go to the bank, blow up the bomb, take a magazine (9), (+1 EXP) and gather money. Take a car (+5 EXP). Visit your old flat to find there Nastya. Offer to help her and give the money. Receive your reward (+10 EXP). Drive to Olgas cottage (+5 EXP). Talk and enter the house, flirt with the girls (+10 EXP) and stay with them. Talk to Olga (+1 EXP). Go to sleep.

  15. Day 16#: Olya tells us good morning (+10 XP). Go look around the Store. You can go to the bank in the PromZone or go Explore the city. In the end, as usual, we go home, chatting with Lilu (+1 Alpha). Watching a story event.

  16. Day 17#: On this day we can meet a girl Dasha and she will start calling you for a date. A date appears when SMS comes from Dasha. If you do not immediately reply to the SMS and go to the marked location, it will disappear, and you will need to wait for Dasha to remember about you again. The probability of getting a date invitation depends on the attitude of Dasha towards you. It is displayed as the LP value in the phones contact list. With a small LP level, Dasha will not often think about you. You can raise the level in the Store by sending her flowers, they raise the LP to a certain value. But after meeting you and satisfying her desires, her interest in you will fall again. Also, it will decrease every day if you do not remind her about yourself. So, go to the Beach, go inside, immediately to the right – a magazine (No. 10), (+1 EXP), inspect the boxes – there is money, get to know the owner more closely (+10 EXP), take the phone number, leave. In the Store we order her a bouquet or two. Go home, talk with Lilu, sleep.

  17. Day 18#: Go to the old apartment to help Nastya, give her a gun (+10 EXP). For earnings, visit the Bank, PromZone or Explore the city. (+5 EXP) we get for the decor of the apartment at the end of the day. Go to the Internet, read the report.#Watch TV (+1 EXP). During these days, you already come across random scenes at the casino, but if they were not there, you can go through them later. The first scene – (+10 EXP), in the same place the magazine near the microwave (No. 11), (+1 EXP); second scene – (+5 EXP).

  18. Day 19#: Internet, read news (+1 EXP). We check both departures, in the upper exit tunnel we find a journal (No. 12), (+1 EXP). During these days Dasha will invite you for several dates, if you sent flowers to her, but if there were no dates, you will be able to pass them later. Visit the PromZone. These days a series of quests about Diana (+1 EXP) can begin, her story will appear gradually during the game. In the evening, read the news on the Internet. Sleep.

  19. Day 20-21#: Check out the city (+1 EXP), have fun on the beach (+10 EXP), Explore the city or visit the PromZone, go back home, where we are already waited (+5 EXP). Run away, in the morning open the map and first we call Dasha by clicking on the beach area, meet her (+5 EXP), Dasha can not help us. Go to the Store, look for help from the boss of the New Post (+5 EXP), we do not get help, but we find a new job. Then we need to accept the offer of the boss. Next we go to Nika’s house, where we find traces of the search (+5 EXP), we find a walkie-talkie in under the sofa, we’ll need it. And on the cabinet next to the TV there is a magazine (13), (+1 EXP). Go to the bathroom, there we find some numbers, in the bedroom we find first the tools, or rather the former location of the hidden camera, which have already dismantled, and then the safe (the numbers on the mirror are coordinates. Go to Google Maps, enter two numbers separated by commas into the search line (-18.529247, -70.249921 ), go to the image from the satellite and bring it to the maximum. Coca-Cola inscription numbers 125. This is the safe code).Open the safe (+5 EXP), turn around, we are knocked out and enjoy the erotic vision, wake up (+5 EXP), check our pants (+1 EXP), look around, we no longer have the money and the camera. Now go to the Beach, where we once again get into the mysterious cave, rush ahead and listen to the radio signal (+5 EXP). Visit the PromZone, click on the bar counter and break the wall, pry (+1 Alpha), we agree to help (+5 EXP). Now we leave the city, since there is nothing more interesting here. We move away by car to the forest, stumbled upon a pile of garbage, look for a oilcloth by clicking on marks, it will be useful to us. Make a fire, if there is a rope and a oilcloth, make a shelter from the rain (+5 EXP), sleep.

  20. Day 22#: Find a stick, fight back and run (+1Ã14 EXP maximum).#Enter, sleep, get to know Masha, stare, leave her and go to the city. Take a magazine in the garbage near the car (14), (+1 EXP). Follow to the New Posts warehouse; take a magazine in the abandoned room on the table (15), (+1 EXP). After old building you will meet Oksana, stare, flirt (+10 EXP). Go to the Police office. Take a magazine in the main room from a stack of papers (16), (+1 EXP). Go down to the basement to turn off the switch. Visit warehouse, go further and check the lockers (+1Ã3 EXP). Explore the city. [Now you can choose a girl to stay for a night with.] Lets begin with Masha. Find a «secret» on the table [click on it] (+1 EXP). Go to sleep.

  21. Day 23#: Go to bathroom, look (+1 EXP). Go to the warehouse for canned goods and Explore the new city. To Masha. Leave food for the girl (+5 LP Masha) to sleep.

  22. Day 24#: Find Masha, open the door and notice on the bed next to Masha a magazine (No. 17), (+1 EXP), go in, look and flirt, ask for more, butt (+1 EXP). We meet Masha in the city and get the task to turn on the hot water. To the Boiler house and then to the Warehouse for the tools, where we meet a new girl who also calls us to her. During a conversation with her in the background among the equipment and tools we find another magazine (No. 18), (+1 EXP). Inspect the Hut (+1 EXP). To the left of it we find a camera in the grass (+1 EXP). Go to inspect the Science Center. Return to the bench to Masha (+5 LP Masha) and talk to her seriously (+1 EXP), then we can flirt and have sex (+10 EXP). Leave food to the girl (+5 LP Masha). Sleep.

  23. Day 25#: Go to the bathroom (+1 EXP), stealing a key card. Grab canned food in the Warehouse. Kill time. In one of the coming days, the Preacher storyline may begin. First you find his hut, leave the camera there (+1 EXP). After that, on the way to the Warehouse, we will get a scene with two girls and this camera (+5 EXP). At other events of the Preacher, we may leave other supplies. Now it’s better to stay with Alina. Talk and touch (+1 Alpha), sleep.

  24. Day 26#: Pretend you are sleeping (+5 EXP). Drive with Alina, search the ship, there will be a magazine on the rack (19), (+1 EXP), grab the radio (+5 EXP). Visit scientific center, enter code, which is connected with the radio signal (+5 EXP) (Read the first letters of the words «¦Phi Rho Omicron Jeta Epsilon Chi Theta sampi Sigma Tau Alpha Rho Theta Epsilon Delta¦ »  «Project «Sampi» Started». Sampi the letter of the Greek alphabet. Its numerical value is 900. This is the code for the door). Look in (+5 EXP). Visit scientific center again, follow Alina (+5 EXP). Visit scientific center for a third time. Go straight ahead. The third screen from the left activates turns off alarm system. The third screen from the right gives an access to scientific projects. Program «Alice» (+1 EXP). Turn right and search for some information in the computer (+1 EXP). Go to Masha. Leave food for her (+5 LP Masha). Go to sleep.

  25. Day 27#: Go for a walk with Masha, calm her down, choose her, tell her the truth (+5 EXP), allow her to take a photo just for herself (+1 EXP). Find some food. Kill time and go to Alinas house. Leave food for her. Go to sleep (+5 LP Alina).

  26. Day 28#: Go to the bathroom, flirt (+1 Alpha). Head for Sawmill, chop wood (+5 EXP). Chopping the wood takes a unit of energy, and if you leave them on the railway station, you can get 1k money per 1 unit of wood.] Leave it at the train station. Take some food at the warehouse, if you need it. Return to Alina. Accept her offer (+10 EXP). Leave food for her. Go to sleep.

  27. Day 29#: Go to warehouse to meet Alina, tell the truth (+1 LP Alina), (+5 EXP). Kill the time. Then you will meet a beautiful Asian girl (+1 EXP). Return to Masha. Leave food for her (+5 LP Masha). Go to sleep.

  28. Day 30#: Get up; go to the bathroom, Explain (+5 EXP). Go to the city exit and meet Nastya (+10 EXP). Enter the New Post office, talk (+5 EXP). Go home and open laptop, talk to Lilu (+1 EXP). Go to sleep.

  29. Day 31#: Go to Nika’s apartment. We will not find her, but in the next apartment there lives a cute neighbor, a magazine will be on the table (No. 20), (+1 EXP), talk (+5 EXP). The girl takes us to the same cave where we were already (+5 EXP). At the end of the cave we listen to the radio (+5 EXP). We need to meet with Lisa, for this go to the contact list and click on the girl’s icon, so we send her an SMS. Wait for an answer and go to a meeting in Northern-city, [The road will cost 1500, make sure you have enough money], talk to her (+5 EXP). Next we go to the Science center, where we need to get on the roof. For this go to the Sawmill and take the crowbar. On the way, a random scene in a forest hut (+5 EXP) will come across. You can spend the night at Oksana. At Oksanas home on the shelf we find another magazine (No. 21), (+1 EXP).

  30. Day 32#: Go to the Science Center. Go to the roof (+1 Breaking), and then again to the radio (+5 EXP), talking with the astronaut (+5 EXP). Return to the Central City. Go home to sleep. Enjoying a strange dream (+5 EXP). In one of the next days, a series of mini-quests with orders from New Post begins. They are marked with a blue exclamation mark and bring in 10,000 per execution.

  31. Day 33#: Go to New Post, report (+5 EXP). We are sent SMS by Ira, asking to come in to share information, well, you understand why (+10 EXP). Free time can be spent earning money in the PromZone, they will still be useful to us. Go home, talk with Lilu (+1 EXP).

  32. Day 34#: Go to the New Post office, dream. Go to the cells. There will be a magazine in the cell (22), (+1 EXP). Fuck the girl (+5 LP Vera), (+10 EXP). You can stop and speak with your new friend near the City exit. Wait for Veras SMS; visit her (+5 EXP). Just then, you will receive Natashas SMS. Do not call Vera yet. Go to Oksana, leave canned food for her. Go to sleep (+5 LP Oksana).

  33. Day 35#: Stand up, find Oksana, walk, understandable, you are beautiful and of course, eyes, agree (+5 EXP). Call Vera, go to Central City, go to the cave, sex (+5 LP Vera), (+10 EXP). Right – we look around, on the left – we look around, study green liquid (+1 EXP), go to the subway (+10 EXP). Examine the first room and look at the tapes (+5 EXP), inspect all the other rooms (+5 EXP). Go home, talk with Lilu (+5 EXP). Sleep.

  34. Day 36#: Drive to the Northern City. Visit Vera; enjoy her company (+5 LP Vera), (+10 EXP). Receive SMS from Natasha, ignore it. Visit scientific center and find a house on the way, investigate it, find information about New Post in the computer (+5 EXP). Visit New Post office in this city, inspect it, investigate a hole in the floor then find a rope in the table and get down to inspect the basement (+5 EXP). Go to Oksana; leave canned food for her (+5 LP Oksana). Go to sleep. There will be a surprise for you (+10 EXP). Sleep.

  35. Day 37#: Free day. Finish the missed events, make money at the Sawmill or Explore the city. Go to sleep again to Oksana. Leave food to her (+5 LP Oksana).

  36. Day 38#: Looking for Oksana, before we say hello we take the magazine under the TV (No. 23), (+1 EXP),  (+1 Alpha), (+10 EXP). Now we can go to Warehouse to Natasha, talk (+1 EXP), ask for more (+1 EXP), ask for more again (+1 EXP). Heading to the Science Center, connect a USB flash drive (+5 EXP). In gratitude we get our Base! Go there (+1 EXP). Making money at a Sawmill or Exploring the city. Spend the night with Alina, leave food to her (+5 LP Alina), look for her, tell about the findings and ask for gratitude (+5 EXP).

  37. Day 39#: Wash ourselves and go in search of adventure. Sawmill, we find a habitable house, in the kitchen we find a couple, have fun (+10 EXP). Alina sends SMS. Go to her (+5 LP Alina), (+5 EXP). Alina does not lose time, another SMS from her. Then another another SMS, go to Alina’s home (+10 EXP). And immediately back to her house, look around, find the door (+1 EXP). SMS again, now from Natasha. Go to the landing site (+5 EXP) and (+5 EXP). Go to sleep at Oksana, leave the food to the girl (+5 LP, Oksana), look for her (+10 EXP).

  38. Day 40#: New SMS from Oksana, Lisa and Vera can come! Explore the city, find the library, everything is there to help Oksana. Do not forget about Lisa, invite her to your team, flirt (+10 EXP). Replenish food stocks in the warehouse. Spend the night with Oksana (+1 Repair). And then another (+10 EXP). Leave food for the girl (+5 LP Oksana), go to bed.

  39. Day 41#: New SMS from Oksana and Lina can come. Go back to Oksana. Look, talk, we need gifts! Leave the city, go to the Store, send her flowers. Go back to Oksana (+10 EXP). Stay for lunch, flirt (+10 EXP). The girl exhausted us, therefore have a canned meal or drink a bottle of Burn. And now go to Vera. Flirt (+1 EXP), sex (+10 EXP). Flashback in the car (+5 EXP).

  40. Day 42#: SMS from Vera may come. We are going to the Club, which appeared on the map the day before, SMS should have come about this. Walk, we say: Yes, (+5 EXP), again we give consent. Again to the Club, then to the Warehouse for the pump and gp back to the Club. Further to Vera. Repair the car (+1 repair). Play bowling (+5 EXP). Some money spend.
  41. Day 43#: Trying to wake Vera (+1 EXP). SMS may come from Vera. But first go to the Club. Turn on the power supply (+5 EXP). But we still need to find the money. Go to the warehouse for canned food. Visit the dump. Examine everything, find a book, crowbar, pay attention to the car (+1 Repair), find another one, try to repair [16+ repair skill is required], [if the skill is not enough, then you can return here later; if successful, we get (+5 EXP)]. We use scrap to break into Alina’s cache [Break 10+], look around, take a book. We find a password-protected computer, the password must be cracked, (you need to inspect all the objects in the room and pay attention to the poster. The poster from World War I: FIGHT OR BUY BONDS THIRD LIBERTY LOAN and the hint f = 6. It’s easy to guess what is worth paying attention to the word “fight” and translate each of its letters into a digit. The number corresponds to the ordinal number of the letter in the English alphabet. Thus, f = 6, i = 9, g = 7, h = 8, t = 20, fight = 697820. This is the code for the computer). Next, read Alina’s diary (+5 EXP). After we go to Vera [a successful meeting will require 2 cans of canned food and a bank of Burn]. Touch the girl (+1 Alpha), and fuck (+5 EXP).
  42. Day 44#: Touch the Vera’s ass (+10 EXP). Then go to the Sawmill to our old friends: first to Masha (+5 LP Masha), then to Oksana (+5 EXP), (+5 LP Oksana). Replenish stocks of canned food in the warehouse. Keep in mind tomorrow’s meeting with Masha and Oksana, but do not forget about the Club, which you need to collect 100k, so go to Central City to earn money! In one of the trips on the road we meet a girl (+1 EXP). In the city, we first of all visit New Post (+5 EXP), unsuccessfully flirt (+1 EXP). Further, spend free time in the Bank or the casino – to earn the required amount. In the evening go home, communicate with Lilu (+5 EXP). Flashback. (+5 EXP).
  43. Day 45#: If the quest for Masha and Oksana is taken, we are going to Northern-City. First we visit Masha, the game and oral sex will follow (+5 EXP), continue to play, have sex (+10 EXP), (+5 LP Masha). Restore energy by eating or drinking and move to Oksana (+10 EXP), (+5 LP Oksana). Return to the Central-City. Talk with Lilu (+5 EXP). Flashback, take a photo (+1 EXP), look flashback further (+5 EXP).
  44. Day 46#: After one of the overnight stays at home, a quest with Agatha can begin (+1 EXP). We continue to actively make money. If there is enough money, we visit Sisters (+10 EXP), if not – we postpone this quest for later. After completing the task, they go to work on our Base. Now we continue to earn money for the Club, as well as to improve our repair skills for repairing the car. In the evening we go to our home. We can meet Agatha, look at her (+ 1A). Having sex (+10 EXP), (+5 LP). Talk with Lilu (+5 EXP) and look through the next flashback (+5 EXP).
  45. Day 47#: If you have earned 100k of money, go to Northern-City, if not, begin the storyline of the Poker Tournament, which is described later, in the 53rd day. In Northern-City go to the Club to give money to the Lina. On the way we check lesbo entertainment (+1 EXP). Have sex with Lina (+10 EXP). Leave the money to her. Take Lina one more time (+10 EXP). SMS may come from Lina with a request to find alcohol, find it in the Warehouse. Return it to Club, we get 5 thousand. Sleep in a hut. Enjoying another flashback. We do massage and then we fuck Kate (+10 EXP).
  46. Day 48#: Lina may need our help again, you need to get a debt from Nomi. You can either take the money or offer your help, for which we will need 60 thousand. Go to Naomi, got the money or blowjob (+5 EXP). Do not forget to spend the remaining moves to make money. Go to bed, see flashback (+10 EXP).
  47. Day 49#: Lina need help at the club Pink Rhino again. For this, we need a costume. We go to Central City to Store. Then to our Old Home. To spend the night we go to a New House and talk to Lili in chat (+5 EXP).
  48. Day 50#: Return to Northern-City and go to the Pink Rhino club. Conduct an interview and choose the girl you like (+10 EXP). Lina needs help with the Pink Rhino Club again. Go there and meet Masha. Go with her to Central-City and go to the Store. At the end of the day, go overnight to the New House and chat with Lilu in a chat (+5 EXP). In one of the days, you can get the continuation of the quest with Agatha, in the video chat (+5 LP, +1 EXP).
  49. Day 51#: Go to the Beach and meet Agatha there. Greet her, agree to take home (+1 EXP). Return to Northern-City and go to the Science Center for equipment (+5 EXP). Spend our free time to earn money. Spend the night with Masha.
  50. Day 52#: In the morning we find Masha and flirt with her (+1 EXP). Receive the SMS from Vera. Enjoy the threesome with her (+10 EXP). After that, we go to the club Pink Rhino and receive payment. Lina need our help with the club again, so we need to go to Central City. There we go to New girl, Trinity, notice some flyers on the table (+1 EXP). Come spend the night at New Home.
  51. Day 53#: In the morning we visit Agatha and offer a date (+1 EXP). Go to the PromZone for Trinity things. Go there again to the game room, we get acquainted with Alexa (+10 EXP). Bring things to Trinity (+1 EXP). We are going to the Bank for her things. Agatha asks to bring her Burn. Spend the night at a New home. On the way we bring the drink to Agate (+1 EXP).
  52. Day 54#: Agatha asks for a couple more cans of Burn. In the morning we return to Trinity. She can not decide on the outfit. Choose red (+5 EXP). We bring Trinity to the club (+10 EXP). Spend the night with Masha (+5 EXP).
  53. Day 55#: Call Oksana, she invites us to the park. Go to her. Spend free moves to earn money, after which we go to Oksana to spend the night.
  54. Day 56#: In the morning Oksana wakes us up (+10 EXP) and she leaves the city. A message comes from Natasha, we are going to meet Julia in Central-City (+5 EXP). And in Northern-City we are waiting for a new SMS from Vera and table tennis with strip (+10 EXP)!
  55. Day 57#: Go to Central City, to the PromZone. Alexa promises to help us when we collect 50,000. Spend moves to make money. In the evening we go to Agate (+1 EXP).
  56. Day 58#: Visit New Posts office, talk with Julia and then drive somewhere with her (+5 EXP). Go to sleep.
  57. Day 59#: Organize an ambush (+5 EXP), receive the SMS (+5 EXP), shoot (+1Ã9 EXP maximum), receive a reward from your lady (+10 EXP).
  58. Day 60#: Stand up, look for food (+1 EXP), inspect the weapon in Julia’s room, and then dig in her things:#1) The panties are on the right on the floor near the table (+1 EXP).#2) On the left in the nightstand there are some docs (+1 EXP).#Walk, inspect the bar, take 4000. Take a magazine in a blue car, look in the trunk of Julia’s car, go back to her. We are going somewhere. On arrival we are going to the left, go further, a surprise (+5 EXP)! To the right, look at girl (+5 EXP). To home. We’re going back, motel, take a booze and play billiards, play until the lady ready to do blowjob (+5 EXP). Take booze and follow her (+10 EXP)!
  59. Day 61#: Get up, drive, walk, and drive again. Surrender. Get up; you are led to the boss.
  60. Day 62#: Interrogations, sleep, voice¦ sit down on the chair. Lock in, hack (+1 EXP). Go to sleep.
  61. Day 63#: Relax with a nice brunette (+10 EXP).
  62. Day 64#: Drive somewhere with Tanya. Go to the house, lock around, and join the drunk company. Later one of those girls joined us (+10 EXP). She sends us to her girlfriend Sasha, go and spy on her (+1 EXP).
  63. Day 65#: Go to the kitchen for breakfast and find a note with a riddle on the fridge (If we accept that before the equality sign we don’t have numbers but symbols, the symbol 0 equals 300/3 = 100. The symbol 1 equals (180 -100) / 2 = 40. The symbol 2 equals 40 – 20 = 20. The symbol 3 equals 25 – 20 = 5. Then 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 165). We answer it (+5 EXP). At the specified address, we meet Julia, after talking with her, we choose the side, who imposes you more. Then we are taken to medical procedures and have a little time to walk. On the way, we finds a wooden house and looks in the windows. Go in. In the house we break into a computer (+1 EXP). Go ahead and see a number of houses. You can break into the last one. Upstairs we catch two girls (+10 EXP). Go ahead and click on the bushes behind the school, there we see Diana (+5 EXP). A little later we will be returned home. We go to bed at home.
  64. Day 66#: In the morning doorbell wakes us. Cousins of Nastya, our former neighbor, came to us. Go with them PromZone. Then to the Shop. Last stop on the beach. The day is spent, lets go home. Check girls there (+5 EXP).
  65. Day 67#: In the morning the girls took our bath (+1 EXP). We are going to the office of New Post. We have quest from Alexa for a long time, about the tournament in the PromZone, we are going to her. She offers us a discount for sex, agree (+10 EXP). Go to the PromZone and learn the rules of the tournament (+1 EXP). For the first round you need 10,000, each following for 5,000 more. If you don’t have enough money, you can come back another day and continue to participate. With bad cards, press pass, with good ones, we always double the bet. With medium cards just open. In the super final we can not win and get a new quest. Return home, and offer the girls to work for us (+10 EXP).
  66. Day 68#: SMS from Natasha, go to the New Post (+5 EXP). Before traveling to Leesburg, visit Northcity. When visiting the sawmill, we can catch the three girls (+10 EXP).
  67. Day 69#: Go to Central-City and leave for Leesburg. Flashback (+5 EXP). Search the house we went to (+5 EXP). Spend the night in an abandoned house.
  68. Day 70#: Wake up and go to the car (+1 EXP). Look for a gas station (+1 EXP). Continue to explore the city and get to the store. Look at the shelf for food (+1 EXP). Explore further and stumble upon the girls. Follow them. Look in the window (+1 EXP). Talk to Marina (+1 EXP). Go to sleep in the Abandoned house.
  69. Day 71#: We are watching a dream with Kate (+1 EXP). We need to get bath, go to the river. Say hello to the girl on the beach (+5 EXP). When we leave from river, we meet Marina (+1 EXP). Lets go to look for missed girl. In the window of the house, we find a book. Later we find someones settlement (+1 EXP). Find a girl there and use the situation (+5 EXP). Return to the Dorm. Eat a pie (+1 AP) and go to talk to Marina (+1 EXP, +2 Canned food). Go to rest in the Abandoned house. We are watching a dream with Kate (+1 EXP).
  70. Day 72#: Explore the city, find the Bunker. We cannot open it. When we find a truck, we take vodka with us, but do not drink. Go to rest in the Abandoned house. Watch flashback with Kate (+1 EXP).
  71. Day 73#: Marina does not get in touch. So begin to go to her yourself. She sees our bottles of vodka and asks to share with her; we leave all the bottles to her. Go to her until she give us a new job. Leave her a gun and get an electronic picklock. Now with picklock, we can get into the Bunker. At the end of it, we find the working phone (+1 EXP). Go to rest in the Abandoned house. Watch flashback with Kate and her girlfriend (+10 EXP).
  72. Day 74#: Go to the warehouse. Among rusted tanks, we find crowbar. Find a hangar and search boxes in it. We find two books and canned food. Nothing more useful is there (+1 EXP). Go to rest in the Abandoned house.
  73. Day 75#: Go back to the Dorm. We fall into a random event. Christy is drunk, touch her and use her (+ 1A, +10 EXP). In one of the following visits to Dorm, we will be given a new job. Go to the Office. There we meet Julia (+1 EXP); she is ready to take us home. If all the jobs in the city are over, then we go to your Car. We stop to spend the night in a motel. We cannot sleep, looking for Julia. Go in and flirt with her (+ 10 EXP).
  74. Day 76#: Go to the New Post. We are escorted to Natasha, and give her a massage (+5 EXP). Later, SMS comes from her, where she asks not to leave the city. Go to the Beach and go to the cave. The passage is littered (+1 EXP). Having fun in the Casino and go home. In one of the nights a cleaning lady knocks on us (you need to have 25,000 money). Offer her 10,000 each so that she agrees to have sex (+10 EXP).
  75. Day 77#: In the morning, a dream with a lot of girls (+5 EXP). SMS from Natasha, we need to arrange a holiday in our club. We are going to Northcity and immediately to the Pink Rhinoceros. The club is not ready for such guests, Lina will show another place. Go to the warehouse for a drink and return to the club. We meet Nora and go to a new place (+1 EXP). Nora got drunk and wants sex (+10 EXP). Return home and go to sleep in the Hut. But we are abducted and raped (+10 EXP).
  76. Day 78#: We meet the kidnapper and leave. Go to the Base. Lisa is waiting for us there and suggests finding a leader for the Base (+1 EXP). To do this, call Julia. We are going to Central-City. Julia calls us to the New Post. We catch her in the gym, follow her (+1 EXP). She introduces us to Kira (+5 EXP). Go to the Casino. During one of the games we can get Olya. Agree on a cafe (+5 EXP). Later we can meet het in the office of New Post. Let’s go home. The hero wants to transport some old stuff into a new apartment.
  77. Day 79#: SMS from Natasha, she is waiting for us at the New Post. Buy in the Shop a large bouquet of flowers for Agate. Go to her, and she takes us to her friend. We tell the truth, then lie for her, then again the truth, and again the truth. We bring the girls to the cottage and stay to watch. We are thinking of joining them (+5 EXP). Return to the city, receive SMS from Natasha. Need to collect supplies and finish finish the quests started. Go to the Old apartment. Think about Kate (+5 EXP). Going to Northern-City and go to sleep.
  78. Day 80#: Go to the Club, Lina will give us Burn. Go to the Base and take the gun. Go to the warehouse and take supplies for Leesburg. Again go to the Base. Kira are waiting for us there (+1 EXP). Now we need to finish 10 successful missions. This will take a few days of real time. Go to Central City and go to bed.
  79. Day 81#: While we are in the first city, Marriott quest can start for Agatha. Then we go there. Go to Leesburg. We meet Julia on the road, and she gives us assignments. Go to the power plant. Immediately turn right and continue straight ahead. Insert the USB flash drive (+5 EXP). Go to sleep in the Abandoned house.
  80. Day 82#: Go to the River. Try to answer the call. We meet Julia, she sends us to the Central City to Natasha (+1 EXP). Go to Central City and New Post. But Natasha has not returned from rest yet. We go to spend the night home.
  81. Day 83#: We leave back to Leesburg. If we have a couple of bottles Burn, then along the way we meet three girls. Take them to the Dorm and go in with them (+10 EXP). Go to New Post, Julia has settled the business with the Dorm and gives a new assignment (+1 EXP). Go to the Dorm, look at the girls (+5 EXP). We go to Marina’s office. Look at the computer (+1 EXP), on the shelf we find the book, in the yellow box we find the documents (+1 EXP). Go to the New Post (+1 EXP) and go to bed.
  82. Day 84#: Go to the bath, flirt, invite her to leave (+5 EXP). We receive SMS from Julia with a new task. Go to explore the first hiding-place (+1 EXP). Take canned food from it. Go to the second hiding-place (+1 EXP). Go to the third hiding-place (+1 EXP), we need a flashlight. Go to our car and take the flashlight. Explore the city and go to sleep in the Abandoned house.
  83. Day 85#: Explore the city and go to the Dorm. Go to sleep.
  84. Day 86#: At the exit from the Dorm we find the phone on the chair. To unlock, you need to combine colors (+5 EXP). We press red, blue, purple. Red, yellow, orange. Yellow, blue, green. Look at the photos on the phone (+5 EXP). Explore the city and go to the Dorm. Explore Dorm before bed. Find the girls and pull off the blanket (+5 EXP). Go to sleep.
  85. Day 87#: Explore the city and go to Dorm. Find a girl with a vibrator and steal batteries from her (+5 EXP). Go to sleep.
  86. Day 88#: Go to the last hiding-place. Find the armored door (+5 EXP). Explore the city and go to the New Post. We are watching a dream (+5 EXP).
  87. Day 89#: Go to Offices and find out about Julia (+1 EXP). Explore the city and go to the New Post. Go to Julia and have sex (+10 EXP). Go to sleep.
  88. Day 90#: Talk to Julia (+1 EXP). Leave for Central-City and on the way we meet a girl (+1 EXP). Go home to Ilona (+5 EXP). Stay overnight (+1 EXP).
  89. Day 91#: Go to the New Post, choose our side of the conflict. For example, the New Post side will be used. Complete the mission from Ilona (+5 EXP). Go to Northern-City, to the sawmill. We chop wood and go to the house (+5 EXP). We spend the night in a hut.
  90. Day 92#: Go overnight to Sophie (+5 EXP).
  91. Day 93#: If the New Post side is chosen, go to sleep at Home (+1 EXP), otherwise to Ilona, as it is written in day 94.
  92. Day 94#: Go to spend the night to Ilona (+1 EXP).
  93. Day 95#: Go to spend the night to Masha (+5 EXP). After that we go to Central City (+1 EXP).
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