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                     A brief intro and explanation

I’ll break the guide, in the first part let’s go with the stats, what they are and how to get them after that we will go with the intro followed by the timed events, most of these have requirements to see the whole event or will open a new chain of events, I’ll list the requirements for each of the chained events.   

As a way to try to avoid confusion there are (name) points and some character have chains of events, so if I say you need 3 Rebecca, I mean you need 3 relationship points with her, but if I say you need 2 in Rebecca’s chain I mean that you need to play the second event in her chain. A bit confusing, I know. Sorry !      


Fitness (F): Self explanatory, you earn more fitness points by working out, at first with Tara and then with Lola

Charisma(C): Self explanatory as well, you can earn it by hanging out with the girls at home

Recognition(R): MC was a smart guy, so Nicole won’t have any issues with her exams, but Nicole doesn’t look like a smart girl so she need to study where people can see her (in the library) to earn recognition points

Fan points (Fan): How much people is following Nicole in her social media, can be earned in the cosplay chain of events and the photography chain.

Corruption(Co): In this game corruption measure how much of a bitch Nicole is towards other people, not necessarily how slutty. If Nicole goes for high corruption she will be mean towards weak people and will take advantage of them, to get corruption you have to remember how was Nicole  during conversations or be mean towards everybody.


Day 1

-The first choice is to masturbate or not, it doesn’t have any consequences

-What you tell to Sharon won’t change the fact that she hates Nicole

– If you watch Nicole’s video you’ll get a scene and +1 Co

– If you act passive you’ll get +1 to Sienna and if you act provocative you’ll get +1 to Rebecca

– For May’s stream there is not consequence for watching her

– About what to do during the night if you want to go to grab a beer you need at least 1 with Rebecca otherwise Nicole will stay at home alone,  if you want to stay there is no requirements


  • -There is an option to stay with Rebecca or go back home with Elizabeth, if you go home you’ll end up kissing her while drunk
  • If you stay with Rebecca a guy will try to hit on her, if you pretend to be a lesbian you’ll get +1 Rebecca and Nicole will end up having sex with her on the bathroom


  • Elizabeth and Sienna will stay at home, when Elizabeth wants to trick Sienna to sleep if you trick Sienna Nicole and Elizabeth will end up kissing, otherwise if you have at least 1 Sienna points Nicole and Sienna will wake up with their tits out.


Day 2

-What you say to Tara doesn’t matter

-If you are honest with Lisa you’ll get +1 Lisa

-If you tell Oscar you will think about it you’ll get +1 Oscar

-If you remember what Nicole did to Mya, you’ll get +1 CO and you’ll see the scene

– For Mya’s confrontation Reason and Plead will end up in Mya dominating Nicole (This will have consequences) and for Dominate her, you’ll need at least 1CO, otherwise Nicole will refuse to try it.

– When Helen asks for your help, if you help her stand up and have less than 2 CO, you’ll get +1 Helen

– If you text Sammy back you’ll get +1Sammy and she’ll ask for a selfie, if you have 2 or more CO, you can send her a topples one and get +1 Sammy more

– If you kiss Julie you get +1Julie

If you tell Eric to fuck off you’ll get +1Co and if you tell him that you need more time you’ll get +1 Eric

--> Now it is 3/3/2019 <–


Timed events

-March 6, Elizabeth will go and check on how Nicole is doing, depending on her stats she will say different stuff

-March 8, Mika appears

-March 10, Nicole prepares her stuff for her first day of clases

– March 11 first day of classes, siding with the girl will get you +1Rosie and siding with the boy will get you +1 Alex, after that you’ll have to introduce yourself, there are many options depending on your stats

  • Hit your head you’ll get +1Karin
  • Work out a lot you’ll get +1 Felicity (req 3+ F)
  • Want to be a model you’ll get +1Karin, +1 Crys, +1 Dani (req 20 fans)
  • Best friend you’ll get +1 Karin, +1 Felicity (req 3 C)
  • Party and Fuck +1 Dani (req 3CO)
  • Study hard +1 Felicity (req 3R)


-March 15, this is your first Friday, if you have 2+ R, you’ll get +1Dani and now you can hang out with your classmates (classmates chain)

-March 20, Nicole will forget her bag, depending on your relation with Mya (sub or dom) you’ll get different results, if you are sub, she wants her to suck her dick, if you have 2+ CO you can refuse and make Mya the sub, otherwise Nicole will give her a handjob. If Mya is the sub Nicole will make her look for her bag and then she will feel a little guilty

-March 22, House party, it will consume the afternoon of the 22 and the morning of the 23, after that Nicole will be able to hang out with Mika

-March 29, Nicole and friends will talk about the upcoming party


-April 5, Party on the beach, Nicole has 3 options Her classmates, Principal King and the third group, for the third group you need to get to cosplay chain part2 and job chain part 2

A) Clasmates, you’ll need to get to the third part of classmates chain to see the whole scene, if you get the full scene you’ll get +1Karin and +1Dani

B)For this one you’ll have the chance to remeber Nicole’s past with the principal, if you do, you’ll get +1CO

C)For this group, you need 5 C, for Nicole to flash her tits and get +1Sammy and +1 Alex


After that comes the part in which Nicole talks with Julie

-April 13, Time for the firs exams! If Nicole has 5+ R, she will help her friends and she’ll get +1Karin and +1Felicity

-April 17, Elizabeth will inform Nicole about her next meeting with the police officer

-April 30, Elizabeth and Nicole go and meet with the police, if Nicole has 3 or less CO, she will be able to defend Elizabeth (+1 Elizabeth) otherwise your only option is to yell at the officer.

                                                     Character chains


1- No requirements any day in the afternoon, you’ll get +1R

2-Need 4R in the morning you’ll get +1R

3-“Do laundry”Need 6R if you want to get the sex scene you need at least 1 Helen point and “Talk with her” otherwise you will watch her masturbate or faint.



1- On Cellphone during afternoon, if you tell her that you support her you’ll get +1 Elizabeth, if you don’t you don’t and have at least 1 Elizabeth you’ll also get the +1. otherwise you won’t get anything.

2-On cellphone during afternoon, you need 1 on Rebecca’s chain, after the event you’ll get +1 Elizabeth adn +1 Rebecca

3-Elizabeth, no requirments

4- Check the cellphone, you need 6+ C, sex scene and there are no choices.



1- You need the house party and 1 on classmates chain for this one

2-For this event you need to see at least 3 events in the photography chain and 5 C.

3- Check your cellphone, no other requirements.



1- You need 1C, for this one

2 On cellphone, you need to start the school year for this one, you can catch Rebecca if you have 3 F, and get +1Rebecca



1-You need 3C, and have seen photography chain 1in the afternoon, after the event you’ll get +1 Sammy

2- Check your cellphone, you need to see at least the second event from Sienna’s chain.



1-“Watch porn”, any day in the morning

2-“Go to the mall”, any day in the morning

3- Any day in the morning after the begging of the school year

4- The event is “Find out who lived in my room”, for this event you need to have seen the 6th event in the cosplay chain.


Tara (and Lola)

1- Any day in the morning

2- Keep training with Lola until you have 3F, instead of training you’ll get the event

3- Keep training until you have 6F, after this event the option to train will disappear(V 0.4)



1-In the afternoon, you need to have seen event 3 in the hospital chain as well as event 3 in the job chain.


Event chains

Neighborhood (Silvia)

1- “Wander around the neighborhood” requires beach chain 1.

2- On your cellphone, any day and you need 5+ C.


Street (Alissa, Policewoman)

1- No requirements, any day in the morning.

2-  No requirements, any day in the morning.  Running away from the policewoman will get you +1 CO

3-  No requirements, any day in the morning , to get the sex scene with Alissa you need 3+ CO, and select “Anything”


Classmates (Karin, Dani, Felicity, Chrystelle , Sammy)

1-After the first friday event, any day in the cellphone, any option but that sucks will get Nicole +1 Karin

2- Only on Tuesdays on cellphone,  in this scene Nicole and Dani will have sex, if you only go for Dani, you’ll get +2 Dani, but if you want a threesome, you need 4+C and you’ll get 1+ Crys and +1Dani

3- Any day on cellphone, you need 7+R

4- Any day on the cellphone, you need 6+ C.


Cosplay (Chrystelle, Patrick,Chelsea)

1-Any day in the afternoon, after the schoolyear have started and you need 3+C, after the event you’ll get +1C

2-On the cellphone during the weekends and after getting the first event of the first event of the beach chain, After this event you’ll get +15 fans and +1C

3-Any day in the afternoon and after seeing the second event in the classmates chain.

4- Any day without requirements.

5- This event will play out automatically the first Monday after event 4.

6- Any day without requirements


Hospital (Lisa, Eric, Mya)

1- During the morning after classes have started, whether you watch or not the scene it won’t have any impact if you are honest with Lisa, you’ll get +1Lisa

2- During the morning and no additional requirements, Nicole will end up telling the truth to Lisa

3- The event is “Research my past with Lisa’s help” it’s available in the morning and requires 5+R.


May’s stream and POTC (May/Maya, Rebecca)

1- Any day in the afternoon

2-Any day during the afternoon, you need 3 points with Rebecca

3- Any day in the afternoon

4- Any day in the afternoon

5- Any day in the afternoon

6- Any day in the afternoon


Occult research society (Rossie, Alex, Emily, Marina)

1-  Any day in the afternoon

2-On Wednesday after classes have started

3- On Wednesday check your cellphone, during the even both choices will make Emily want to join.

4-Go on Wednesday afternoon.

5-  Go on Wednesday afternoon.

6- On Saturday check your cellphone, no other requieriment


Photography (Sienna, Sammy, Rebecca)

1-Any day in the morning, no requirements you will get +10 fans

2-  Any day in the morning, no requirements you will get +10 fans  and +1 Sammy

3- Any day in the morning, you need to have seen part 2 of may stream chain, you’ll get -1 fan



1- No requirements, any day in the morning. The result will be the same for any choice

2- Any day in the morning, you need to have seen the third event in both Sienna and street chain of events.


Part time job (Victoria, Naomi)

1- Any day in the afternoon

2- Only on Thursday afternoon and requires part 2 of the occult research society chain

3- Only on Thursdays afternoon


University (Julie)

1- On cellphone after clases have started, if you have 5+ R, you’ll get +1 Julie and +1R otherwise only +1R

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