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Pale Carnations

Pale Carnations – Walkthrough version Chap 3 Update 3

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Note: #1 only if you’ve obtained [minaFlag] 1. A) Attempt to gently assuage her concerns.
Hug her tighter.
Pat her head. [w2MinaPat] B) Call her a moron.

Don’t say anything, hold her tighter, and comfort her.
Break the hug and reassure her.
2. A) Tease her about your losing streak.
B) Ask her about her work. [w2MinaWorkQ]

3. A) Relay your own experiences on the subject.
B) Switch topics and ask about work.
Note: B will only appear if you’ve not obtained [w2MinaWorkQ] C) Move the conversation back to the subject of school.

4. A) Tell her it’s cool for her to vent. [w2MinaFlagVent] B) Don’t focus on the negativity. Try to take her mind off things.
Note: Allows [Mina+1] later on, if [minaFlag] Note: #5 only if you’ve obtained [minaFlag]

5. A) Tell her you simply like doing a good job.
B) Tease her.

6. A) Tell her she looks good at work.
B) You thought women loved a man in uniform.
Elias Interview/Felicia Shoot Start
Note: You start Felicia’s shoot with 2 “Shoot Points”

7. A) Shake Elias’ hand.
Shake Felicia’s hand.
Kiss Felicia on the cheek.
B) Make a point of greeting Felicia first. [Felicia+1] Pull her into a hug.
Keep it cordial.

8. A) Crack a joke.
b) Let his insincerity pass.

9. A) Call her cute [Felicia-1] b) Tell her to take a breath
In this Update, you have the ability to help out Rosalind with her loan shark interest. There are a few options (if you meet the nessary critera for them):
You can indirectly get Felicia to help, have Killian pay it, or get the money from August. If you’ve chosen, or not managed to get help from either of
these three, Kathleen will solve the problem.
Felicia Stuffed

10. A) This isn’t the time for that: three will suffice.
B) This is exactly the time to push it: turn her on with story time. [FeliciaShootPoints+1] [wFeliciaPacked] Note: B only appears if you’ve obtained [feliciaFlag] Felicia Conversation Tease

11. A) Use it to have her secretly expose herself for a photo. [FeliciaShootPoints+2] B) Forget about it. Just snag a photo of Felicia flustered.

12. A) Keep her on her toes: set the toys to medium intensity.
B) Give her a shock: set the toys to high intensity. [Felicia-1] [FeliciaShootPoints+2] [w2FeliciaHigh]

13. A) He has more important things to do.
B) Smoothing things out with his client is the young agent’s job.
C) Giving the talent what she wants will cause bigger headaches down the line. [Toughness+1] [Felicia-1]

14 A) Let Elias answer the question.
B) Pivot to Felicia. [Felicia+1] Felicia Bathroom

15. A) Continue and see where this goes. [Felicia+1] [w2FeliciaExtra] Crank it to max. [Felicia+1] No surprises. Let her finish.
B) Finish the interview without any distractions. [Felicia-3] Tell her she’s welcome to take care of herself and then hang up. [Felicia-1] Tell her the shoot isn’t over and then hang up.
Felicia Sex

16. A) Challenge her. [Felicia+1] [FeliciaC+1] If you’ve obtained [feliciaFlag], {Go to #17}
else {Go to #21}
B) Degrade her. [Toughness+2] [Felicia+1] [w2FeliciaDegrade] Explore your contemptuous feelings. [Toughness+2] [feliciaAnger] Shove your feelings down where they belong
If you’ve obtained [feliciaFlag], {Go to #18}
else {Go to #21}

17. A) Grab Felicia. [w2FeliciaImpressed] Note: Sub-obtions only available if obtained [w2FeliciaPacked] Live out her fantasy. [Felicia+2] [edwinAnal] {Go to #19}
Enjoy the best view in the house. {Go to #21}
{Go to #21}
B) Get some distance. {Go to #21}

18. A) Live out her fantasy. [w2FeliciaImpressed] [edwinAnal] {Go to #19}
B) Creatively end the shoot without touching her. {Go to #21}
Felicia Doggystyle

19. A) Be honest: it feels good.
B) Taunt her. [Felicia-1] Note: B only appears if you’ve obtained [feliciaAnger] C) Tease her.

20. A) Play up the fantasy elements
B) Stoke the fire a different way. Own her.
Play along.
Enjoy even more of her.

21. A) She IS being dumb
B) Caution her, but you believe she can do it [FeliciaC+1] If [feliciaFlag] and [w2FeliciaImpressed] continue to #22 else {Go to #23}

22. A) Sure, go on Felicia’s date next week. [feliciaSugarBaby] B) Bring up Rosalind. [feliciaSugarBaby] [rosalindSolution] [rosalindFelSolution] C) Go with her, but tell her you don’t want money. [FeliciaC+1] D) No, you’re not interested. [Felicia-4] [feliciaFlag = false] June 11 End

23. A) Give Ian a call. [Killian+3] [killianHeadsUp] B) Don’t stick your nose in it.
June 12 Start

24. A) Everything went smooth.
b) Tell her Veronica insisted on closing down the gym. [KathleenTrust+2] [VeronicaShootPoints -2] [w2VeronicaExposed] At the Club

25. Click on Warren and Dalia

26. Click on the Travel icon/button

27. Goto the Bar

28. Click on Nicolette

29. Click on August [AdvancesTime] [w2TIAugustLeft] A) Yes. Very much so.
B) You try to think of it as work. [August+1]

30. Note: Only appears if you’ve not obtained [rosalindSolution] A) Tell him about the problem.
If [August_Friendship] >= 6 [rosalindSolution] [rosalindAugSolution] B) You’d rather get someone else’s help.

31. Click on Dalia and Nicolette, three times.

32. Click on the Travel icon/button

33. Goto Security [w2TINavUnlock]

34. Click on the Travel icon/button

35. Go to the VIP Lounge

36. Click on the Nurse
Next starts a ‘free roam’ section. There are three time blocks, and certain actions/events advance the time. This guide will provide one of the possible
routes to see all interactions.

37. Click on the Travel icon/button

38. Go to the Dressing Room

39. Click on Dr. Chuck [AdvancesTime] Note: Options only appear if you’ve not yet obtained [rosalindSolution] A) Tell him about Rosalind’s problem. [w2KillianRoseOffer] Okay, you’ll bring it up to Rosalind. [Killian+2] [rosalindSolution] [rosalindKilSolution] That’s too much for you. [Killian-2] B) Just wait and bring it up to Mrs. Pulman. {Go to #40}
C) Just wait and bring it up to someone else. {Go to #40}

40. Click on Harper

41. Click on the Travel icon/button

42. Go to the VIP Lounge

43. Click on Sophia
Note: #44 Ends free roam, if you’d like the do anything else, do so before proceeding to Abel

44. Click on Abel (ends free roam)

45. A) Rosalind. [RosalindShootPoints+1] B) Veronica. [Kathleen+2] [VeronicaShootPoints+1] C) Felicia. [FeliciaShootPoints+1] Note: #46 only appears if you’ve not yet solved Rosalind’s problem [rosalindSolution]

46. A) Suggest the situation would be a good rallying moment. [Kathleen_Trust+1] [rosalindSolution] [rosalindKatSolutionFree] Note: A only appears if you have [Social Butterfly] or [Social Chameleon] B) As a favor, ask her to do it for free.
if [w2KatSex] or [Kathleen] >= 20 [rosalindSolution] [rosalindKatSolutionFree] else [rosalindSolution] [rosalindKatSolution] C) You guess Rose has no other choice in the matter. [rosalindSolution] [rosalindKatSolution] If you’ve not obtained [minaFlag], {Go to #56}
Mina Arcade

47. A) Enlist Sora’s help in distracting Mina during your bet. [w2MinaDistract] B) Play fair.

48. A) Keep your distance and exploit your range attacks. [w2FightBranch] B) Rush in and use a command grab to take her by surprise.

49. A) Keep charging! {Go to #51}
B) Rush her down and grab her!

50. A) Stop attacking and block what is coming. {Go to #51}
B) Mash that special button and pray!
If [w2MinaDistract] [w2MinaBetWin] else [Mina+1] Mina Bucket List

51. A) Bully her head in turn.
B) Ask what’s so funny.

52. A) Cross the line. [Mina+4] [MinaK-3] [minaCheat] {Go to #53}
B) Even if they’re bound to break up, that’s still Ian’s girlfriend. [Mina-4] {Go to #55}
Mina’s Mind Blown

53. A) (Bully) Encourage her to get an even better whiff.
B) (Affection) Maximum pats.

54. A) Make a mess! [w2MinaMess] B) Roughly feed it to her!
{Go to #56}

55. A) She’s your friend and it would be a mistake. [Mina+1] B) Despite his many flaws, Ian is your bro [Killian+1] June 12 End

56. A) Call Hana.
B) Call Mina.
Note: B only available if [minaFlag] and [minaCheat] C) Call Mom.
D) Call Ian

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