Things to Know to Start Playing PS2 Games on Your Modern Device

Things to Know to Start Playing PS2 Games on Your Modern Device

Are you surprised that the games released on the PlayStation 2 are still popular with millions of users worldwide? We seriously doubt that! As a longstanding fan of quality gaming, you know how great and exciting retro games are. There is a particular charm about those vintage classics you could play on your TV set or at amusement arcades. Even if you’re not familiar with classic titles first-hand, chances are you’re already looking for the right tools that can help you feel part of the magnificent world of retro gaming. 

In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at the software that can help you reunite with Solid Snake, Heather Mason, Ratchet, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other PS2 characters that once took the entertainment industry by storm. 

Playing PS2 Games on Modern Devices 

If you’re still wondering if there is reliable emulation software that can spare you the bother of repairing your old PS2 device and obtaining games for the now defunct console, wonder no further. Emulators are not some forbidden tools which should be clandestinely downloaded and installed onto your device. Today, the emulation market abounds in stable and legal emulators that can be run on any modern PC, laptop, or smartphone.

What’s more, you can easily download a couple of cool PS2 games to play on your emulator. Today, virtually any old-school game can be downloaded in the form of a ROM file, which can be subsequently put into your emulator and loaded whenever necessary. And the same goes for PS2 ROMs.


Contrary to popular belief, emulators are not robbing companies of their exclusive rights to this or that game by providing players with an opportunity to mimic the work of original consoles. Truth is emulators have been created in pursuit of saving classic games from obsolescence and oblivion, which is quite a noble purpose. They enable third-party devices, like your modern computers, to act like your favorite console and thus allow you to re-experience a rich palette of nostalgic emotions. The only caveat is that you take care to find a trustworthy website offering emulation software and download only those tools which are compatible with your operating system. Malware and glitches are the last thing you want to deal with. So, use only reliable abandonware sites whose reputation can be verified. 

Below is a short list of emulators that can assist you in playing your favorite PS2 titles.   

  • PCSX2. By far the best emulator for a number of desktop operating systems. It’s easily configurable, convenient, stable, and boasts a wide variety of cool features any retro gamer will appreciate. PCSX2 works best with a dedicated BIOS file from can be downloaded at
  • DamonPS2. This tool is only compatible with Android platforms, but they work hard to expand the list of supported platforms. With this emulator, you’ll be able to play more than 700 commercial games released on the PS2 in widescreen mode.
  • RetroArch. Known for its quite tough configuration settings, RetroArch, nevertheless, provides a stable and smooth gaming experience on different platforms. 

Where to Look for Emulator Games 

So, you have no doubt that you can play PS2 titles without actually having a PS2. Another question that might pop up in your mind is where to look for the game to play on your emulator. 

At first sight, the market might seem to be overflowing with options. But as with emulators, you should do some research to make sure that the PS2 game you want to download comes from a trustworthy source. Reliable abandonware websites offer only safe and high-quality game ROMs that have been legally ripped from physical games owned by a distributor. If you keep this in mind when hunting for vintage titles on the web, you’ll manage to put your hands only on the best software that will help you make the most of your old-school gaming.  

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