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Visual Novel Reader: Sometimes works as a half-assed translator for those visual novel  HOW TO INSTALL + DOWNLOAD: HERE  Notice: – Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s not, since the app has been dropped, there are no support if it is not working.

What is VNR: – Short for VISUAL NOVEL READER, do exactly as its name. – It’ll help you somewhat in reading those moonrunes Visual Novel.

Disclaimer: It’s old (been dropped) so it’s not gonna read all the VNs, and of course, machine translation. But hey, broken english is better than moonrunes, right? 2. Function: – Using Google Translate, Atlas, LEC, etc… to translate JAPANESE into whatever language you desire. In this tutorial, it’ll be into ENGLISH.


  •  How to Install

    1. Where to DOWNLOAD – Here -> DOWNLOAD
    2. Installation: – Extract file Visual Novel Reader (160403).rar


  • – RUN Visual Novel Reader with admin priviledges


  • – A small icon will appear in your taskbar


  • – Double click it, the spring board will come up. (Ignore those 4 games)
  • – Run the VN of your choice, in this case.
  • – From the Spring Board, click the magnification glass, then follow the images

  • – Press start, then click the game’s windows
  • – VNR will accept the game, if it’s the right one.
  • – Continue as below

  • – Wait till the NEXT button come up, press it
  • – Another windows appear
  • – Run through some dialogue, a few choice will come up, compare them to the in-game text, choose the correct one. (Set dialogue speed in-game to max will be better)
  • – The encode must be the same, if not, find the correct one

  • – Drag your mouse to the left side of the game’s windows, set the settings as the image

    – All’s done. Run VNR first the next time you want to read some VNs.

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