What are RPG games?
RPG games are derived from pen-and-paper role-playing games Dungeons & Dragons. Players act either by oral or written narration. Or by making decisions according to a predetermined structure for character or plot development. Player actions may or may not follow a system of rules and guidelines .
The initial forms of role-playing games include pen and paper games. Or live role-playing games with the performance of the entire player’s body. In both cases, a steward plays the role of setting rules and referees. While each player plays a character.
Role-playing games also include role-playing games. Or massively multiplayer online role-playing games. In these two forms, people focus more on personal adventures than on storytelling as in role-playing games with pen and paper.
Although there are many different forms, some types of games such as card trading or battle games are not classified as role-playing games. Role-playing activity may occasionally appear in such games. But it is not the main focus.The term is also often used to describe simulated role-playing games and exercises used in teaching, training and research.