What is Netorare

Usually NTR is used as an acronym for netorare. The closest english translation for netorare is cuckoldry.

Cuckoldry is when someone has sex with a person’s significant other while that person knows about it. If that person doesn’t know about it then it isn’t considered cuckoldry but instead it is called cheating.

However there are two types of cuckoldry in western culture. Willing and Unwilling cuckoldry.

A willing cuckold usually is aroused by someone fucking their wife. They enjoy it.

An unwilling cuckold does not like it.

It is important to point out that in cuckoldry the significant other and that person do not have sex. If that person then starts to have sex with their significant other while they are being fucked by someone else it is no longer cuckoldry and instead sharing.

The difference between Netorare and Netori is point of view. If you are the person doing the cucking and fucking someone then it is Netori. If you are the person being cucked and watching it then it is netorare.

NTR however has become extremely vague with western usage of the word. It now refers to any cuckoldry at all, Netorare or netori. This is just incorrect usage of the word but it is really hard to explain to everyone. (But i’m trying my best.)

This is my definition of NTR and the others now. This isn’t what everyone thinks but I’m going to lay this down right now as the Law! (Insert Judge Dredd joke here.)

NTR stands for netorare only.
Netorare is the unwilling cuckoldry of a person.
If your point of view is from the person not engaging in sex then you are being cucked and therefore netorare.
If your point of view is from the person engaging in sex then you are doing the cucking and therefore netori.
Any consensual sex while the person knows about it and enjoys it is considered cuckoldry.
If the couple has sex with a 3rd person it is considered sharing and not cuckoldry.
Only people in sexual relationships can be cuckolded. If a guy is friends with a girl and that girl goes and has sex with some other guy then it is not considered cuckoldry.
Relatives can be a part of NTR only if the person wants to fuck their own family. This is the only exception to the sexual relationship rule as people related to one another already have a strong connection.